Shadow for Nitrojet: better than sand blasting or water jet
Right Shadow for Nitrojet: better than sand blasting or water jet
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NitroJet 8000 Mobile System

Nitrocision delivered the first NitroJet 8000 system to Conco Systems. This fully mobile system will be put to work in the tube cleaning industry.

The system, was delivered to Texas where Conco will use the system in it's tube cleaning services for the petrochemical, chemical refining, power generation, industrial and process industries. The NitroJet system adds to Conco’s exclusive line of tube cleaners and plugs.

The mobile system includes a skid, liquid nitrogen tanks and a generator as well as the tooling equipment.

In February, Nitrocision joined Conco in Corpus Christi, Texas for a demonstration at Alumina Refinery, one of the largest plants in the country extracting aluminum oxide from mined bauxite. After the successful demonstration Nitrocision learned it had succeeded where 16 other companies had failed.

Javier Suarez, general manager of Conco’s Industrial Services Division in Houston Texas said, “Our Conco NitroLance technology provides us the ability to serve the petro-chemical and power generation industry better and it expands our ability to serve our customer's cleaning needs in reactors, hard deposit heat exchangers or condensers, and refractory materials.

“For over 85 years we have served this market and keep looking for better ways to satisfy our customer needs. The Conco NitroLance is a great addition to our arsenal of cleaning solutions, eliminating water disposal expenses and lowering turnaround time.”

“We are excited to partner with Conco,” said Ron Warnecke, Nitrocision president and CEO. “They have a strong reputation within their industry. The potential for this partnership is limitless.”


Nitrocision Logo: cutting with liquid nitrogen is better than water jet.
Shadow for Nitrocision: industrial cleaning with liquid nitrogen is better than sand blasting.
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