Shadow for Nitrojet: better than sand blasting or water jet
Right Shadow for Nitrojet: better than sand blasting or water jet
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Precision Cutting

The NitroJet® technology uses liquid nitrogen as a cutting line, which enables the use of a wider variety of entrainment materials, even those that are water soluble.

By using liquid nitrogen, it gives NitroJet® greater flexibility when cutting hard and durable materials and makes cleanup of water soluble entrainment materials faster and more complete. By regulating the operation pressure and/or end effector nozzle, it provides the specified accuracy and control required for each particular application.

This unique and patented method of cooling pressurize the liquid nitrogen creating an ultra-high pressure jet of liquid nitrogen with a density comparable to water; operational pressure ranges run between 5,000 and 55,000 PSI. By changing the parameter combinations such as pressure, stand-off, and speed, it can be tailored to adequately meet the environment site requirements and provide greater accuracy and control when cutting through various types of hard materials (composites, carbon steel, ceramics) and soft material (plastic, food, zinc) without any delamination or damage.

The NitroJet® technology is inert and nonflammable, safe to use in combustible or explosive environments, is compatible with chemical and organics, and is not a chemical moderator.




Nitrocision Logo: cutting with liquid nitrogen is better than water jet.
Shadow for Nitrocision: industrial cleaning with liquid nitrogen is better than sand blasting.
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Remove epoxy and other coatings with Liquid nitrogen.
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