Shadow for Nitrojet: better than sand blasting or water jet
Right Shadow for Nitrojet: better than sand blasting or water jet
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NitroJet 6000

The NitroJet 6000 was designed specifically for industrial use. It uses pressurized liquid nitrogen and varying nozzle configurations for precision cleaning of castings, removal of coatings, cutting of composites and industrial cleaning.

NitroJet's pressure ranges run between 5,000 and 60,000 PSI and the nitrogen stream temperature can be set anywhere from +100° F to -240° F ensuring that it can be tailored to fit any environment or material.

Powered by liquid nitrogen, which is chemically inert and rapidly converts into a gas, NitroJet helps eliminate cross contamination and secondary waste streams. Additionally, NitroJet's visible spray extends only 18 inches before it is readily absorbed into the atmosphere, reducing employee injury rates well beyond water or abrasive jets.

Nitrocision makes it easy to put the NitroJet to work for you with purchase, lease and service programs. We also provide ship-to or on-site service work.

Call us today at 210-256-4140 to see how the NitroJet 6000 can improve your bottom line.


Nitrocision Logo: cutting with liquid nitrogen is better than water jet.
Shadow for Nitrocision: industrial cleaning with liquid nitrogen is better than sand blasting.
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