Shadow for Nitrojet: better than sand blasting or water jet
Right Shadow for Nitrojet: better than sand blasting or water jet
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Nitrocision Logo: Precision Cutting and Industrial Cleaning

Liquid Nitrogen Cutting and Cleaning

Complete Industrial-Grade Solutions


Superior cutting for nearly any material from soft plastics, food products and upholstery to hardened steel, composites and ceramics.
We offer:
  • Scalable pressure range
  • Dry process
  • Precision application tooling
  • Versatile, multi-function tooling
Cutting Composites with Liquid Nitrogen is better than water jet

Robotic controls precision cutting. We offer robotic control integration for precision cutting. Cutting speed and nitrogen pressure are a function of the material being cut.


Our trained service technicians can help improve your bottom line by performing maintenance on your equipment while working around your schedule.

Our portable system and customizable tooling provides versatility that will result in time savings and reduced down time.

Our industrial cleaning solution is better than water jet or sand blasting because we come to you and don't leave a mess.
NitroJet 8000 Mobile System
We Come to You!


 Better than Sand Blasting or Water Jet!

Less mess to clean up!
NitroJet provides industrial strength cleaning w/o the mess of water jet or sand blasting.

Better than water jet or sand blasting: our waste stream dissipates.

 Industrial Cleaning

Superior cleaning and coating removal in a variety of applications eliminating secondary waste streams.
We offer:
  • Mobile service unit
  • Fixed facility installation or turnkey portable system
  • Flexible Tooling
Industrial cleaning with Liquid Nitrogen. Better than sand blasting.

 In The Spotlight

Nitrocision's NitroJet 8000 Hits the Road
Nitrocision delivered the first NitroJet 8000 system to Conco Systems. This fully mobile system will be put to work in the tube cleaning industry. (more...)



Clean inside heat exchanger tubes w/o the mess of water jet. Radioactive cleanup applications.
NitroJet scalps outer 2 cm from reinforced concrete along with radioactive contaminants.

Remove windings from industrial stator. Save Time!
Remove shorted windings from industrial stator in 3 hours rather than 3 weeks!

Liquid Nitrogen cleans heat exchanger tubes. Better and faster than sand blasting or water jet.

Endless Possibilities!
How can our cutting and cleaning
solutions apply to your industry?

Nitrocision Logo: cutting with liquid nitrogen is better than water jet.
Shadow for Nitrocision: industrial cleaning with liquid nitrogen is better than sand blasting.
Cutting and Cleaning Solution.
Remove epoxy and other coatings with Liquid nitrogen.
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